Hello! It’s lovely to meet you.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Anita McLachlan. Some call me the Cossie Whisperer (the Swimsuit Whisperer).

I’m the founder of Sequins and Sand, the #CossieConfidence movement and more recently - The Summer Confidence Society community for women in midlife.

At Sequins and Sand, the promise is simple: we're here to help women whose body shapes have changed over the years, get into a swimsuit with confidence and get their summer holiday groove back. We want you to be able to step out onto that sand feeling fabulous and make precious memories with family and friends. 

  • To fall in love with summer all over again.
  • To be in those photos, not taking them.
  • To feel the freedom and joy that comes from not giving a toss and enjoying summer, no holding back. 


I know for some of you, that’s much easier said than done. 


For over 14 years I have helped 1000’s of women find THAT swimsuit and each week I am astounded by the stories of body shame and insecurity beautiful women share with me. Stories of unworthiness and sadness. The mere thought of putting on a cossie in public, can bring out feeling vulnerable, ashamed and afraid.


That’s why I founded the #CossieConfidence movement. A way to show beautiful women that it is possible to be in a swimsuit and feel the freedom and joy that it brings. Over the years, I’ve ushered a growing group of everyday women to show the way. Women over 40, of different shapes and sizes who volunteer their time because they genuinely care and understand how important this message is. They’ve been there too and they sincerely want to encourage you to feel as they now do. To have hope. To see the possible.
Join The Summer Confidence Society!  

Connect with like-minded women seeking the same - a summer life of freedom and joy. See and hear their stories, share yours too. Have meaningful conversations and reclaim your summer confidence.

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If you're on Facebook, we have a private FB group (for now) where the go deeper with more personal topics and conversations, just like we have in The Summer Confidence Society:
I look forward to seeing you there!
Anita xx
(Founder & Owner: Sequins and Sand + The Summer Confidence Society + Cossie Confidence)