Essential Styling Basics For Your Body Shape. 

There are no rules, but the right styling know-how does make a BIG difference to how we look and feel. Start with these easy to do basics.

Dressing for your body shape is a strong foundation on which to build your confidence.

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Does this sound familiar?

I've lost my Style Mojo.

It's been ages since you've put you first and with that, your sense of self has taken a back seat. Your care factor may have joined the back seat too. have When we lose our Style Mojo we just don't feel completely like ourselves. Hard to put into words, but the feeling is definitely there.

My Shape Has Changed

Belly gotten bigger (hello Menopause!)? Things heading south. Post baby is the changes started and they've  kept on going from there. You're not sure how to dress for those changes. You want to feel good, look good but not sure how to do it. Back to basics is a great place to start.

That'll Do Won't Do

Anymore. You've been the 'that'll do girl' for years. Grabbing whatever was easy, not thinking about it too much, so you could just get on and do. Maybe there's a tinge of not caring so much  too. But enough is enough! That'll do won't do any more.  Bring it on.

My 2nd Chapter's Here!

And I am ready to embrace it. Woohoo! But with a wardrobe of work clothes you really need to build a stash of more casual clothes's going be more like that. You may need to begin again with clothes that are more suitable for your lifestyle change.  

Hello! I'm Anita, Your Masterclass Host.

Hello! I'm so glad you're here. I'm Anita McLachlan also known as Australia's Cossie Whisperer (Swimsuit Whisperer). As the founder and owner of Sequins and Sand, I've helped 1000's of women get Summer ready including finding the most challenging summer wardrobe piece of all, the right fitting swimsuit.

With a passion for fit and the confidence that comes from feeling fabulous in what you wear, my 14 years professional experience and know-how, will have you back in the game once more.

As a woman in midlife, I appreciate the ups and downs of this life stage. A stage that sees our body shapes change and with it, our self-confidence shaken.  BIG changes in ourselves, our family and work life bring tremendous challenges but also great opportunity. Now's the time to come out of our shells ladies and be who we really are. Loudly and proudly - "THIS IS ME!"

Take the Masterclass for just $57

This Masterclass Includes...

Essential styling basics starts with understanding your Shape.

From there Anita will explain the importance of appreciating proportion and balance in what you wear and why it's key.

Easy to understand Styling know-how, including photos and illustrations so you can see how it's done and do the same for you.

It's a pre-recorded 45 minute video you can watch 'on demand' whenever you get the space and time. Whenever you make time for you.

Watch it as many times as you like. It's always available.

Also included in this Masterclass package is a series of short emails to help you along your way.

Take the Masterclass for just $57

Included in this Masterclass is a series of short emails to help you along the way.

They contain important links that support what you learn in the Masterclass and how you can reach Anita if you have any questions.

Your results matter!


6 Shapes Swimsuit Guide.

Once you know your midlife shape finding the right swimsuit becomes easier.

This helpful guide takes your new found know-how further and will show you how to apply it to appreciating swimsuit styles made for your shape. 

Take the Masterclass for just $57

What are you waiting for?

The practical tips and know-how in this 'on demand' Masterclass will set you up for styling success.

Watch it whenever you get the chance. Whenever you make time for you. 

Available always, keep coming back to it whenever you need to. Use the extra information in the Bonus 6 Shapes Swimsuit Guide for extra style support.

Feeling confident in what you wear is life changing. It all starts with the basics, the strong foundations. Then you build.

Do this for you. Start today.

Anita xx

Take the Masterclass for just $57