Feel more like you again in your swimsuit.
It's time to care less about what others think, put YOU first, and wear a swimsuit that says 'This is me!'.



Feel more like you again in your swimsuit.
It's time to care less about what others think, put YOU first, and wear a swimsuit that says 'This is me!'.


You know it's time.


Time to stop holding back and start diving into your summers once more. 

To live your summer with greater happiness and joy. To be IN the photos not taking them.

To celebrate being you.

🩱You want a new swimsuit but don’t know where to start, you’re overwhelmed and confused.

🩱 You’re tired of wasting precious time and money on swimsuits that just don’t fit right and don't do the job for you.


🩱 You bought a new swimsuit but you're not feeling confident enough to wear it.


🩱 You feel stuck. You hesitate and miss out on making precious summer memories because of how you look in a swimsuit; you know it’s time to care less about what people think and do more about what matters most.


🩱 You're tired of 'making do' and wearing what you know just isn't you. It's time to find the swimsuit style that will lift your spirits and feel great.

Imagine the possibilities.


Being IN those photos with family and friends on the beach, in the pool…instead of taking them.

Saying ‘Yes’, no hesitating, when your friends suggest you head off on a girls’ weekend away.

You love the water and how it feels against your body. It’s the place where your cares are washed away and your soul soothed. It feels so good to be there again.

Playing with the grand kids in the pool, on the shore, in the sand. You want them to remember the fun things you did together.

You’re healing your body doing those water workouts because now you’re in bathers that fit right and give you the coverage and support you need. 

Walking into a store or shopping online for a swimsuit and know exactly what to look for, what to buy, and what to avoid. No more wasting precious time and money.

Imagine the freedom of DOING whatever you want in your swimsuit. Knowing your swimsuit is going to do the job for you, so can concentrate on doing what matters most.

I’m here to tell you it is possible. Here’s how I can help you get there.

Are you ready to reclaim your summer?

To live it, the way in your heart you want to, no holding back?



Unlock Your Cossie Confidence

The 'Unlock Your Cossie Confidence' course, will set you up to dive into summer with greater confidence, swimsuits and all.

Work your way through this life-changing course at your pace. No deadline pressures. Do it when you get the chance, when you make YOU a priority.

You get lifetime access to all 5 modules. There is access to me through monthly Swimsuit Confidence Sessions (Q&A’s) and a supportive, kind, no-judgment private Facebook group just for Unlock Your Cossie Confidence participants too. Don’t underestimate the support of other women feeling as you do, on this swimsuit confidence journey.

It’s magical.


What You Get

The 5 Modules

Each module has short, easy to follow videos and resources to support your learnings. You get lifetime access to all 5 modules and their resources. There is access to me through monthly Swimsuit Confidence Sessions (Q&A’s) and a supportive, kind, no-judgment private Facebook group just for Unlock Your Cossie Confidence participants too.

Module 1:
Your Summer Confident Mindset.

Nothing will move you forward to finding and getting into THAT swimsuit unless you’re in the right headspace. That’s why we begin with Mindset. You’ll discover where you’re at on the Cossie Confidence Scale and how to move forward with the beliefs needed to welcome in the change, the possible. To let go of what doesn’t serve you and make space for the new you…rocking a cossie!

Module 2:
Your Ideal Summer.

Now that you’ve made the space, it’s time to begin to fill it with the good stuff. What does your ideal summer look like? How does it feel? What are you doing? Your ideal Summer Vision.

You’ll create the Vision of your Ideal Summer. Making it clear, getting it out of your mind and out in front of you, It will be your North Star as you navigate this personal change.

Module 3:
Understanding Your Shape.

Now we begin to work on your Summer Style. 'Shape Before Size' is a mantra you’ll hear often in this course. When you understand your Shape, how you look and feel in a swimsuit fundamentally changes. It really is essential and transformative.

You’ll understand which of the 6 Midlife Body Shapes you are. Yes, our shapes are different in midlife and you’ll appreciate yours through the use of the Shape and Size Calculator and expert help from me.

Module 4:
Swimsuit Design Essentials.

Style continues as you learn how to match the features of your Shape to that of a swimsuit. When you understand the fundamentals of how a swimsuit is crafted and what to look for, how it Fits and Sits on your body will make perfect sense. You’ll learn how prints play a masterful role in how a swimsuit looks on and the right prints to bring out your best.

You’ll get a Personalised Swimsuit Style Guide so that you understand which are the best swimsuit designs for your shape and needs, no matter where you choose to shop.

Module 5:
Colour and Style Personality.

It’s essential to know what we’ve covered in Modules 1-4 but the icing on the cake is understanding the best colours for you to wear, that will make you feel fabulous and look fabulous on you too. We’ll explore basic colour palettes and the impact understanding your style personality has on what swimsuit you’ll choose. I’m looking at you Leopard print lovers!

You’ll understand the best colours for you and the style personality you are so when you shop you’ll head for the ones that you’ll love to wear (and they’ll love you back).


Swimsuit Sizing Cheat Sheet

Swimsuit sizing is different. You can't just take your clothing size and assume that will be right. This Cheat Sheet will have you Swimsuit Sizing aware so that you can make your purchases with greater confidence. It will be in your account, waiting for you after you enroll and log in.

1:1 Session with Anita.

To help you work through any concerns or questions you may have during the course, you get a private 1:1 chat with Anita. It can be done as a video chat or phone call, which ever you prefer.

The Judgment of Others

You might own a swimsuit but that doesn't mean you'll put it on without feeling self-conscious, if you wear it at all. The judgment of others is a powerful belief we have that holds us back from being confident in a swimsuit. Why do we feel this way?  How do we overcome it and move forward? That's what you’ll find in this bonus guide.

Here's a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME BONUS for you!

An Exclusive Invitation to be in the Cossie Confidence photo shoot!

What better way to prove to you that you are Cossie Confident? Push your personal boundaries in a safe and supportive experience with a Crew who come back year after year to do the same. It’s like nothing else you’ll ever do. It’s life-changing.

This incredible experience is invitation only, exclusively for those who join The Summer Confidence Society membership community or participate in the Unlock Your Cossie Confidence course..

Value: $ Priceless.

Invest in you.

It's time.

How do you put a price on feeling swimsuit confident? A price on the enjoyment that comes from playing the waves with your children, your grandchildren? All the things that make your heart sing and the enormous sense of freedom that brings.

The Inclusions

If we take a look at the more tangible course inclusions here’s what you get:

  • Immediate access to the 5 Modules - with 20 short, easy-to-understand and put-into-practice videos. You learn at your pace in the online portal where all the information you need is online, at your fingertips.
  • Over 10 Resources to help deepen your understanding - workbooks and guides. These are in the learning portal with each Module.
  • Monthly Q & A’s - The Swimsuit Style Sessions are conducted through Zoom where you get to ask your questions and have them answered, live in a group session. A way to overcome anything that’s getting in the way of your understanding AND learn from the questions others have too.
  • Private Online Group - a kind, supportive and safe place to come together with others on the same swimsuit confidence journey. There is power in supporting each other. Ask away if you have any Questions at any time. I’ll be hanging out in there too!


And These Bonuses

  • 1:1 private consultation with me. Clear up any blocks you have and get results faster.
  • Swimsuit Sizing Cheat Sheet - will have you Swimsuit Sizing aware so that you can make your purchases with greater confidence.
  • The Judgement of Others Guide - Why do we feel the negative judgment of others upon us?  How do we overcome it and move forward? That's what you’ll find in this bonus guide.
  • An exclusive invitation to be in the Cossie Confidence photo shoot!

This course is unique. It bring together 13 years of swimsuit fitting experience. Key learnings from running a retreat, a membership community and an empowering movement, all with women's Swimsuit and Summer Confidence at their core.

Unlock Your Cossie Confidence is different. It brings together all in one place, those key elements of Mindset and Style with a strong focus on Swimsuit Confidence. Purposefully designed to be easy to learn with encouragement and support along the way.

$497 AUD

One-time Payment (Save $85)


$97 AUD

6 Monthly Payment


I can help you get there!


I’m Anita McLachlan. Some call me the Swimsuit Whisperer, the Cossie Whisperer. For over 13 years I’ve helped 1000’s of women reclaim their swimsuit confidence with the right fitting swimsuit.

For the past 6 years, myself and a Crew of 23 everyday women have empowered other women to live their summers,  no holding back, with our Cossie Confidence movement and campaigns.

I lead a membership community, The Summer Confidence Society, that transforms women from feeling invisible to being confident in a swimsuit and beyond. The results have been amazing as they master their personal Style, Mindset and Wellness.

And now, I want to offer some of those learnings, that experience in the Unlock Your Cossie Confidence course. The essentials to set you up for a sensational summer.


I get it. You’ve been putting the needs of others before your own for so long, you’ve lost your summer style mojo.

The last time you bought bathers you really felt great in, seems a distant memory. So where do you begin?

Maybe you’ve had a few goes yourself but they haven’t hit the mark, wasting your precious time and money.

You're tired of sitting on the sidelines, watching on in the hot sun, while others enjoy their time together, making memories you wished you were making with them.

Enough is enough. It’s time to get that swimsuit, get it right and dive into life. Do the things that bring you joy.

You know the right swimsuit is something you need to have, to do more of that.

There's no better time than now.


It's time. I'm ready.


Don't take my word for it. This is what Barbara and Fiona have to say about Unlock Your Cossie Confidence.

Hi Anita. I really enjoyed taking your course. I was a bit unsure of spending the money at first but I was wanting to do something for ME.  

It was amazing to see your Sequin and Sand ladies in their cossies. They were not skinny models and yet they look so happy and beautiful in their swimsuits.   That really gave me a lot of confidence that just maybe... I could be like them.    And now after your course.... I AM.

I was not sure to start off with what a course on wearing a cossie could really do for me..... but i'm so very glad I went for it.    Anita, you are such a sweet, caring and energizing lady.   Working with you one on one and in our small group was amazing.  You and your course gave me courage to step out of my safe zone and to try something different. I never thought I could wear any other swimsuit except one with a skirt..... But I love my one piece swimsuit and my two piece swimsuit both without a skirt.

Hey ladies.... if you are unsure of wearing a cossie and getting out amongst people.  Do this course.   It will give you confidence, open your eyes, mind and heart.   YOU CAN DO THIS.  LOVE YOURSELF AS YOU ARE.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Barbara Morley

More than cossies

After another summer spent on the side of the pool, watching everybody else enjoying themselves, I’d had enough. I was sick and tired of sitting on the deck, and whenever I did launch into the water, I didn’t look, or feel, like me. I grabbed whatever would fit; boardshorts and a rashie. That would do. Until it didn’t and I wasn’t happy. I stumbled on Anita’s Masterclass and immediately signed up for the Cossie Confidence course. Initially, it wasn’t what I expected, but I listened when Anita said to ‘keep an open mind’. There was work to be done. Otherwise, I’d just be buying a cossie and never wearing it. Nothing would have changed.

So, I did the work. The printable work sheets allowed me to clarify and address my personal issues. And sure, not everything appealed to me, but Anita offered alternatives. The Zoom calls and private group provided plenty of time for questions and Anita was always ready to assist. 

Think of how much money you’ve wasted on swimsuits left in your wardrobe, or how much enjoyment you’ve skipped sitting on the sidelines. And let me tell you, this is more than just swimsuits; these modules provide a confidence overhaul. The benefits have spread into other areas of my life. After completing this course and applying the lessons, I am confident about wearing my new cossie. I’m excitedly anticipating summer.

They don’t call Anita the ‘Cossie Whisperer’ for nothing.

Fiona B.

Gold Coast, Australia

What others say about me...

In Australia, I'm known as The Cossie Whisperer (Cossies are Australian for Swimsuits)

With over 13 years of experience at the helm of online swim and resort wear store Sequins and Sand, I’m a respected Swimsuit Stylist with a gift for finding the right swimsuit that makes women feel good.

Beyond being the Cossie Whisperer, I support women on their body confidence and swimsuit confidence journeys with Shine - The Summer Retreat, my wonderfully supportive membership community, The Summer Confidence Society, and the Cossie Confidence movement.

"...putting my cossies on, looking and feeling good, bring it on..."

"Thank you so much for helping me to turn my life around, I always have a wonderful break when on holidays with my family but now it will be exceptional, so much more fun putting my cossies on, looking and feeling good, bring it on.

Thank you again Anita for all the love support and help, looking so forward to 2022, no looking back we are not going that way."

Yvonne (via email)

"...possible to participate in my life, rather than watch it from the sidelines..."

"I have your beach shirts,  swim leggings, linen dress, bathers from last year, sarong wraps, beach hats. And you know what? I feel and look hot. I can actually take my kids swimming and join in rather than the look and feel like a self conscious blob on the sand.

You don't know how much your truly beautiful clothes have made it possible to participate in my life, rather than watch it from the sidelines."

Krista (via email)

"...clearly passionate about women's body confidence..."

"It is so refreshing to be able to purchase with confidence from a company that is clearly passionate about women's body confidence no matter what shape and size we are, and the amount of details, tips and product explanation you have provided is phenomenal. I no longer feel burdened or alone by worrying about what I look like in swimmers so a BIG THANK YOU to you and our team. I'm telling everyone about your store!"

Petra (via email)

"...I stood in front of the mirror and started to weep..."

"I received my swimsuit 2 days after! I stood in front of my mirror modelling my new bathers and started to weep...a decade of swimming in shorts and t shirt or avoiding swimming altogether and now I’m in my perfect swimsuit feeling and looking divine. I've never been so excited for summer. This is a game changer..THANKYOU!"

Adelina (via email)

"...but you make me feel okay about it..."

"See what you've done to me!! I used to be the person with the horrible old one and only boring swimsuit, worn year in and year out till it fell off. Now here I am taking 3 possibly 4 swimsuits to Bali!! Am I being greedy - well of course but you make me feel okay about it and all your gorgeous swimmers, I just can't resist.
Thanks for all your help Anita.

Kaye (via email)

"...gave me added confidence..."

"10 out of 10 for making the once 'dreaded' bathers shop such a fuss-free, efficient and positive experience!!! The Shape & Size Calculator gave me added confidence with online shopping as does your No-fuss returns policy - exceptional service!"

 Jenny (via email)
Summer Confidence Society member Alison, shares very openly how she once felt about being in a swimsuit and how she feels now. Some of what she has learned in the membership community, has been included in the course.
In this video, some of the Cossie Confidence Crew share what being Cossie Confident (swimsuit confident) means to them. This campaign is the proof that it’s possible. That you CAN be Cossie Confident when you work with me, just as they all have.

14 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If, after actively participating in the course for the first 2 weeks after purchase you don’t think it’s for you, then we’ll refund your money in full.

If you change your mind after the first 2 weeks of signing up, then I’m sorry, we are unable to offer that refund. I am dedicated to helping you get results. Reach out if you have any concerns. Contact me at [email protected] any time with the subject line Unlock Your Cossie Confidence Course and I’ll be in touch.


If you have any other questions then please email me : [email protected]

The Workshop

The secret to rocking a swimsuit and living your best summer yet.


Pre-Workshop softener Monday – 4th April – pre-launch softener

Workshop - Wed 6th April (incorporate the 3 live formula in content)

Cart open for early bird bonuses 6th April

Cart closes 10th Sunday 12am AEST.

Course intro and welcome proior to Easter – 13th April

Modules 1-5 start after Easter – 20/4, 27/4, 4/5, 11/5, 18/5 

Facebook group opens 6th April and closes 1st June

Live your summer with greater confidence!