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Being Cossie Confident is the key to living a summer life with greater freedom and joy. Doing the things that matter most, with those who mean the most. No holding back. Less regrets. Making memories that will last a lifetime.

Unique and life-changing, the Unlock Your Cossie Confidence course is an online self-paced, course with 5 core modules covering Mind and Style.

Each module has short, easy to follow video lessons with extra workbooks and guides to help deepen your understanding and put into practice the learning. The reward, the results, are in the doing.

Whilst the course is self-paced, I will be there to support you along the way. There's a private Facebook group for all course participants to gather and support each other as well as monthly Q&A's where you can have your questions answered by me.

You’ll also have 30 minutes of 1:1 time with me to help you as we go along.

You are not alone on this journey. And you have life-time access to the course material.


What does the course actually cover and include?

There are 5 modules in this course:

  • Module 1: Your Summer Confident Mindset. The beliefs that will serve you well so that you can needed to welcome in the change you desire.
  • Module 2: Your Ideal Summer. You’ll create the Vision of your Ideal Summer. What that looks and feels like.
  • Module 3: Understanding Your Shape. A critical first step to finding  best fitting swimsuit for you.
  • Module 4: Swimsuit Design Essentials. Style continues as you learn how to match the features of your Shape to that of a swimsuit as well as how to use prints and design 'tricks' to your advantage.
  • Module 5: Colour and Style Personality. You’ll understand the best colours for you and the style personality you are so when you shop you’ll head for the ones that you’ll love to wear (and they’ll love you back).

What People Are Saying:

Hi Anita. I really enjoyed taking your course. I was a bit unsure of spending the money at first but I was wanting to do something for ME. It was amazing to see your Sequin and Sand ladies in their cossies. They were not skinny models and yet they look so happy and beautiful in their swimsuits. That really gave me a lot of confidence that just maybe... I could be like them. And now after your course.... I AM. I was not sure to start off with what a course on wearing a cossie could really do for me..... but i'm so very glad I went for it. Anita, you are such a sweet, caring and energizing lady. Working with you one on one and in our small group was amazing. You and your course gave me courage to step out of my safe zone and to try something different. I never thought I could wear any other swimsuit except one with a skirt..... But I love my one piece swimsuit and my two piece swimsuit both without a skirt. Hey ladies.... if you are unsure of wearing a cossie and getting out amongst people. Do this course. It will give you confidence, open your eyes, mind and heart. YOU CAN DO THIS. LOVE YOURSELF AS YOU ARE. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Barbara Morley

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