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What People Are Saying:

Newsletter Subscriber: Hi Anita, Great to see your newsletter on emotions...Dealing more skillfully and kindly with our emotions makes for a better life and a willingness to don a bathing suit!

Michelle S.

I'm so glad I trusted your guidance. "Wow, what an amazing experience choosing a cossie and rash from Sequins and Sand. Thank you Anita. Your caring support and suggestions about shape and colours made it so much easier to make a choice and jump in to order. I've put on so much weight recently that I'd lost my "body identity" and was feeling pessimistic about finding a cossie in which I looked not only "decent" but was fun to wear and reflected my personality. Trusting your suggestions took me in a different direction from what I would have chosen by myself. And I'm so glad it trusted your guidance. I now have a cossie and rashie that feel comfortable and manage my challenging body shape."

Ann Maree

Using the Shape & Size Calculator: Hi Anita, I used the Shape and Size Calculator, that was sooooo helpful! Only thing, I didn't go for the 22 top, I was brazen and took the 20! And it fits! I also read the tips about a longer body, that's why I got the swimsuit with the straps. Happy Christmas to all of you! Elisabeth