What's on in August

Aug 08, 2023

This month in The Summer Confidence Society, our focus is on DISCOVER : Summer Stash Gaps - Accessories!

The antioxidants of the packing and outfit world. They maybe small, but they pack a BIG punch! They have the power to change the look of an outfit in an instant and lift our spirits as they do.

Bright and bold. Classic colours or textured natural tones. Our Style Personality really shines with accessories. A wonderful way to say 'this is me!'.

This month we will explore the power of accessories with the help of jewellry designer and creator, Karina from Plum Petal.

It will be so much fun!

The Summer Confidence Society way is:


With that in mind...

Our Next Masterclass:

STAGE - Discover.

TOPIC - Summer Stash Gaps : How To Pack A Punch With Accessories.

PRESENTERS: Karina & Anita

DATE: August 17, 2023

In this PRE-RECORDED Zoom Masterclass Jewellry designer and creator, Karina from Plum Petal will share her incredible knowledge and helpful tips and tricks so you can have a fabulous smart stash of accessories that hit the spot.

In her chat with Anita she talks about:

  • The power of accessories - why they matter
  • The secrets to selecting jewellery you can wear over and over again.
  • The staple pieces you should have on hand.
  • The importance of Colour, Shape & Necklines
  • Trends for this coming spring/summer

To take you from "I can't wear that" to "I absolutely can!"

She'll also join us in our group to keep the conversation going and to give you a few 'homework' tasks to do. To explore, have fun and deepen your understanding of how to use accessories to your advantage.

Here's a bit more about Karina Pellicone and Plum Petal.

Karina is setting out to create Australia's leading online boutique jewellery store. Her vision has always been focused on creating a distinctive, bold and beautiful collection of quality statement jewellery for women who want to make "that statement", and leave a lasting impression. Plum Petal jewellery is all about attracting attention to all the right places.

Karina is passionate about helping curvy women feel beautiful and confident through the distinctive jewellery she designs and manufactures. She specialises in curating exclusive collections of statement accessories for women who want to feel good about their jewellery and their image. 

You're in for a treat ladies! Karina really knows her stuff. You don't want to miss this one!



What happened last month?


STAGE: Believe

TOPIC: Misbeliefs - the stories we tell ourselves.

We explored how our minds create stories to keep us safe. How that's helpful sometimes, but often it's not - the misbeliefs we tell ourselves. We looked at ways to turn these misbeliefs around and create helpful stories. Stories that will serve us well and have us feeling more confident.

You can watch the replay here:


There were some additional Resources added to this topic in the portal to help you move forward. The Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts and Actions framework and The Rising Strong Process - by Brene Brown.



Deepen your understanding of our monthly topic and put into practice any helpful gems you've picked up along the way.

We will prompt in our private Facebook Group in the weeks that follow the Masterclass.



No question is a silly question.

Again, it's about creating clarity and confidence so ask away! Do that in our Facebook group and during our LIVE Masterclasses.

The brilliance of being in a group is that we learn from each other. The answers to those questions will help all of us in some way. Remember,

"The art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it.” – Georg Canto.

Over to you to. Ask away!

Inspiration Corner

We are stronger together. This community is so kind and thoughtful. Thank you for making it so special. Lifting each other up is a great way to support each other. A mention in the Facebook Group, during a LIVE Masterclass...it goes a long way.

This month's #liftup is for Sharon Cooke who bravely shared that she's been feeling a bit 'wobbly' lately. Things at work not going so well either.

She not only has the awareness that this is happening, she's taking the time to understand and heal.

Sharon, you are incredible. Stepping out into vulnerable territory is the way to heal, build courage and strengthen; not only to deepen connection with others but with ourselves - self-leadership. Through sharing, you have shown us all how to be kind to ourselves and rise. The very essence of what we have spoken about this month in the community.

Thank you for being vulnerable,  brave and for trusting us. Showing the way. Imagine being lifted up in a crane, high, high into the sky. That's how high this #liftup is for you :) You are awesome. 

- Anita xx

REMINDER! Our Next Masterclass Schedule: 

DATE: August 17, 2023



To your summer with greater confidence!