What's On In January 2024

Jan 22, 2024
What's on in January 2024!

This month in The Summer Confidence Society, our focus is on

SEE : Your Year Ahead

Welcome to January and a brand new year!

I hope this finds you rested, relaxed and well ready to take on 2024 and live it the way in your heart you want to.

In the past we've called this Your Summer Life Vision but really it's broader than that. It's setting yourself up for the year ahead with intention not by chance.

We will build on what we've done in 2023 when we set our values based vision and introduce a way for you to go deeper and get more focus on what you'd like to happen for you in 2024.

Life's too short to let it slide by.

Let's do this, together with intention.

Anita xx

The Summer Confidence Society way is:


With that in mind...

Our Next Masterclass:



TOPIC - Setting your vision for 2024.


DROP DATE: 25th January, 2024

Our Masterclass will drop in January on the 4th Thursday, the 25th. A little later than usual. We usually drop the Masterclasses into Kajabi land the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Anita will share how to create your values based vision for 2024, personal mission AND a way for you to go deeper so that you can bring that vision to life with a more specific focus.

Lets make your 2024 your best year yet!  


THE RECORDING will be available from 25th January 2024 in our Kajabi portal.


Enjoy the Masterclass. See you in the group!


What happened last month?



TOPIC: Get set for the summer holidays!

Summer holidays are precious. This month I thought I'd share with you a very special 'summer holiday' I took this year with my husband.

From vision to reality. It didn't just happen, it was almost 12 months in the making and it all started with my Summer Life Vision I had done the January before.

So this month, let's relax and kick back as I share how this precious break came to be, what we did, where we went, what I packed. What worked well and what didn't. A practical approach, in a real life context in the hope that it helps you to set your vision, plan and do.

Life's too short. Dive in ladies and make it happen. Dream a little summer holiday dream with me.

In this Masterclass Anita talked about how she brought her dream summer holiday together from Summer Life Vision to reality. The Planning & Packing. As well as what went well and what didn't.

Make your Summer Life Vision a reality. 




Take Action!

Deepen your understanding of our monthly topic and put into practice any helpful gems you've picked up along the way.

We will prompt in our private Facebook Group in the weeks that follow the Masterclass AND in the NEW Platinum Community in Kajabi. Have you checked that out yet? It will be in your Kajabi account. If you don't see it, please let me know [email protected]



No question is a silly question.

Again, it's about creating clarity and confidence so ask away! Do that in our Facebook group.

The brilliance of being in a group is that we learn from each other. The answers to those questions will help all of us in some way. Remember,

"The art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it." – Georg Canto.

Over to you to. Ask away!

Inspiration Corner

We are stronger together. This community is so kind and thoughtful. Thank you for making it so special. Lifting each other up is a great way to support each other. A mention in the Facebook Group and in the Platinum Community...it goes a long way.

This month's #liftup is for Karina Abundancia-Alan our generous, kind member with a wicked sense of humour :)


Karina is the brains and powerhouse behind many of the posts you see our Community on Kajabi and in our Facebook Group.

She is one in a million with a heart of gold.

Karina is also in our community to learn how to feel Cossie Confident having never had the confidence to wear a swimsuit in public. She's been missing out so it's over to us to support her on her path to summer freedom.

When you see her post in the group, say hello and make her feel welcome.

Thanks so much Karina. For all you do for us. For your beautiful caring soul and a year of diving into your summer life and beyond.

- Anita xx


Reminder on our Next Masterclass Schedule: 

DROP DATE: January 25th, 2024

 THE RECORDING will be in Kajabi from the 25th of January.





Thanks so much, ladies! See you on the lines.

 Anita xx



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